Make your website editable.

It's 2024 and managing website content is still painful.
CMS and No-Code solutions are bloated, slow, and complicated to use.
Put your cursor anywhere and make changes.
No admin panel needed.
Editable websites aren't bought off the shelf.
They are tailored by an experienced web designer for a perfect fit.
Your website will do exactly what you need it to do.
Nothing more and nothing less. Hence it will be easy to use and blazing fast.
Tom Atkins · Creator of PostOwl
“I love this concept and feel it could be a wonderful enabler for people who want their own basic website but find tools like WordPress too confusing.”
Tom Atkins · Creator of PostOwl
Nils Kjellman · Developer at Volvo
“Check out this amazing project folks. It is a SvelteKit app template with an embedded WYSIWYG editor. Cut out the complexity of running a separate CMS, configuring preview builds, etc.”
Nils Kjellman · Developer at Volvo
Felix Hermanutz · Product Manager at Roomle
“ALTER!!! wie geil!!”
Felix Hermanutz · Product Manager at Roomle
Michael Aufreiter

Hi, I'm Michael — I want your website to be editable.

Modern tools, such as Svelte and Tailwind allow you to easily hand-craft fast and beautiful websites. What’s missing is the ability to make edits without changing the source code.

No longer. I created an open-source website template so you can build natively editable websites and applications.

If you have questions or need any help, contact me.


Who is it for?

This is for frontend developers, who want to control the layout in code, but allow site owners to make content changes.

If you or your clients prefer to also define layout and style in a visual interface, you might be better off using a conventional CMS or No-Code tool.

For more nuanced answers, check out the discussion on HackerNews.

What’s the difference to a conventional WordPress site?

Quality, speed and ease of use. Edits can be made as you browse the website. No longer site owners need to struggle with the technicalities of a CMS.

Why Svelte?

Unlike React, Svelte allowed me to eliminate the boilerplate code for integrating a rich text editor. That way designers who know HTML + CSS are able to build CMS-free editable websites.

Are there any licence fees?

No. The source code is distributed under a permissive MIT license. Only open-source technologies, including SvelteKit, and SQLite are used.

Search Engine Optimization?

The template is optimized for speed and accessibility. Besides great content, that’s what Google and friends reward in their ranking algorithms.